LUXTRON designs, manufactures and tests any type of electronic sign or info panels at its plant, everything is 100% Certified Made in Italy. This represents a real guarantee of quality, reliability and service, and allows to meet the specific needs of the client.

Electronic signs and info panels using LED technology are now an essential tool for communicating messages and information with a high visual impact. Easy access for every type of business, reliable and easy to program, they are now widely used both in advertising and as a means to convey information or provide guidance to public utilities for citizens.

The advantage of having available a “slate” whose contents can be updated at any time is primarily the flexibility and the immediacy while editing a specific content, whether it be text rather than graphics. From a single location remote control can operate simultaneously on a multitude of terminals LED located at some distance between them.

The construction of modular LED matrix panel allows you to create single and multi-line alphanumeric with different lengths and heights of character, as well as graphic screens with different shapes, sizes, resolutions and dot-pitch, both monochrome and full color with shades 16 million colors. Moreover, the choice of the latest generation of LED devices with high luminous efficiency, allows a clear vision and contrast in any light condition environment.

The electronic signs and information boards are an effective LUXTRON appeal to the public and are a major point of attraction in the metropolitan landscape. The uses and applications are many: information of public interest, Inventory, useful information for tourists, opening / closing, warnings and work in progress, time-temperature-date, state of operation of a plant, etc….

  • LED panels for the Advertising sector
  • LED panels for the Industrial sector
  • LED panels for the Smart City
  • LED panels for the Car Wash
  • LED Pharmacy Crosses


Target customers

  • Shops and retail stores
  • Large industrial companies
  • Public administrations
  • Companies in the Car Wash sectorCompanies in the Car Wash sector
  • Pharmacies

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