The idea of an innovative product in the Hi-tech sector involves the need for skills in electronic design.

LUXTRON is a technological partner able to offer the necessary know-how contribution where there is a lack of internal resources, tools and experience.

Our team of engineers works side by side with the customer and puts their expertise into play by providing the necessary support:

  • technical consultancy on one or more aspects of the project
  • execution of a specific hardware/software design activity
  • management of the entire development process (turnkey project).

A company with reduced dimensions allows to maintain a personal and direct relationship with the customer, while the experience gained on a large portfolio of major customers constitutes a solid basis on which to rely.


A team of experts with a result-oriented approach is not pleased staying on the sidelines, but working pro-actively by submitting new ideas and alternative points of view on the approach to the project. A careful verification of all the technical choices ensures that the results are always fully compliant with the specification requirements.

The activities start from definition of the technical specifications and follow a process that passes through several steps such as design of the schematics and the layout, production of the PCB master and writing of the embedded firmware, to finish with building the demonstration prototype to be tested in field.

However there are other fundamental elements for the success of a project. First of all concreteness: experience, ingenuity and creativity are not enough to carry out a good project. Innovative concepts and extravagant ideas are not worth the paper they are written on unless the producibility, profitability and experience of the end user are taken into account.

But also the human factor also has enormous importance in the success of a partnership: the customer confidence in LUXTRON from day one, over time becomes a real double bond. Thus the foundations are laid for a continuous collaboration that will allow us to face new business paths together over the years.

Engineering Consulting

We live in a world where the traditional approach to business and technology no longer guarantees a competitive advantage: budget constraints and immediate economic returns require companies to rethink all aspects of their business.

Innovation is transforming the business world: time-to-market has become an obsession and playing ahead is vital to stay competitive.

Leader in innovation and engineering consulting thanks to its multi-domain expertise, Luxtron supports companies in facing today’s technological challenges by leveraging on its deep experience in hi-tech sector.

As a partner, we assist our customers along the way, providing exclusive services and adequate support in optimizing innovation strategies and designing new products and solutions.

Our consultants generate added value for your business, enabling you to successfully and quickly overcome your R&D challenges.

How we work

Our method is based on 6 fundamental aspects

Our method is highly concrete and operational: we always start our projects from their feasibility, paying the the most attention to the user experience, adopting technical solutions and the necessary resources, and monitoring the performance of the various activities.

Our team of engineers works with a result-oriented method, proposing alternative options compared to those initially hypothesized, if this means obtaining the maximum benefit.

Working through multiple hardware and software revisions in constant evolution, for us at LUXTRON it is essential to update the customer on the details of each design review, on any changes in progress and on the related repercussions on the final result.

The “quality control” is taken into consideration from the early stages of the project and applied through scrupulous verification of each choice and technical resource, in order to ensure full compliance with the specification requirements.

The personal and direct relationship with the customer is the basis of our every intervention. The trust that the customer places in us, over time, is consolidated in a real double-strand bond. This lays the foundations for a continuous collaboration, which will allow you to face new business paths over the years.

The ability to adapt to any company team has allowed us to acquire vast know-how in all sectors of electronics, allowing us to work alongside any company, small or large.