Working close to firms that face challenging environments makes us aware of the technical stakes and mostly how to get over them.

We make your challenges our own!

Technologies Overview

The technical expertise of our hardware and software engineers covers all mainstream technologies. Continuously striving to grow and strengthen their skills, LUXTRON developers are familiar with new trends in control and power electronics.


Since 2004 we delivered hundreds of hardware and software projects. The challenges we faced shaped the way we work today. Always striving to provide high quality solutions, we empowered our clients to thrive and innovate in their business areas.


Through the projects we have delivered, our teams have been acquainted with business processes across a multitude of industries. This experience enables us to complement technical skills with relevant business knowledge and thus meet specific customer requirements.


Deep knowledge of power electronics devices based on both Si and SiC technologies: Mosfet, IGBT, Diodes, IPM, SCR, and their drive circuits. Great experience with several switching circuits and topologies: step-up and step-down, half and full-bridge, isolated and non-isolated, phase-shift ZVS and ZCS, resonant, LLC, DAB. Snubber circuits, protection circuits, power magnetics. SPICE based simulation in both time and frequency domain.
We design, prototype and manufacture high-efficiency power systems from a few watts up to tens of kilowatts. Our experience in power electronics, magnetic components and efficient thermal management able us to provide best-in-class power converters.

Progettiamo, prototipiamo e produciamo sistemi di conversione dell’energia ad alta efficienza da pochi watt fino a decine di kilowatt. La nostra esperienza nell’elettronica di potenza, nei componenti magnetici e nella gestione termica efficiente ci consente di fornire sistemi di conversione best-in-class.


We develop and manufacture digital control boards on multilayer printed circuits, based on microcontroller architecture, DSP and programmable logic, including analog, digital or field bus based I/O interfaces. We have great skills in the design of very low consumption boards for battery powered and energy harvesting applications.
ARM NXP platform 32 bit LPC series, Texas Instruments DSP platform TMS320F28xx, Piccolo and Concerto series, PLD Altera series MAX10.


DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, AC/AC converters, high current, high voltage and high frequency converters for several different applications. Mosfet based high frequency resonant inverters for Induction Heating. Mosfet based high voltage resonant inverters for corona teatment and CO2 discharge lasers. Mosfet based resonant inverters for wireless power transmisision. AC/AC converters for variable voltage and speed generating sets. Mono and bidirectional DC/DC converters for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC).


Efficient control units by mastering: microcontroller based dicital controller (ARM, DSP, FPGA), communication (CAN, MODBUS, RS232), motor control algorithms (Field Oriented Control, Voltage Control, Flux Control) for any kind of motor technology  (PMSM, Asynchronous, BLDC, DC), graphic user interface, electrical HW design and prototyping.


Interfacing of devices for measuring electrical quantities (voltage, current, power, cos-fi, THD, harmonic content, inductance, capacity), mechanical quantities (displacement, force, pressure), environmental quantities (solar radiation, atmospheric temperature, subsoil temperature, atmospheric humidity, subsoil humidity, rainfall, leaf wetting, wind speed and direction). Interfacing of digital transducers and actuators using the most advanced digital communication protocols.


Gateway BACNET IP/MSTP (with router functionlaity), M-BUS, ModBus, Konnex bridge. Digital bus interface based on CAN, RS485, RS232, proprietary protocols. LoRa Transceiver  RN2483 Microchip, LoRa concentrator based on Semtech chipset. Wireless communication boards based on 3G/4G Quectel modem.