Smart Power Analyzer for power consumption monitoring platform

Power analyzer for low voltage networks developed for energy monitoring of single or three-phase power distribution lines.
The device is equipped with a communication module that allows acquiring the measured data and sending it to the energy efficiency platform.
The internal memory guarantees the reliability of the monitoring solution and the resilience to failures. Data communication between devices and the platform is protected by encryption to ensure security and privacy.
Each monitored line can be controlled in real time by means of a software infrastructure for managing the installed measurement points.


  • Control panels, generators, motor control, etc …
  • Energy monitoring and control systems
  • Monitoring of the consumption of single machines
  • Control of power peaks
  • Harmonic monitoring
  • Remote measurement of consumption and cost calculation


  • Suitable for single-phase, three-phase, 3-wire or 4-wire systems with balanced and/or unbalanced load
  • True RMS values for precise measurements even in the presence of a distorted wave
  • Bidirectional measurement, on four quadrants
  • Voltages, currents, powers, PF, frequency, energy, Min/Max values, current and average power
  • Total and individual harmonic distortion for voltages and currents up to 31st
  • Direct voltage measurement up to 460 VAC without voltage sensing transformer
  • Programmable current sensing transfomer values

Resident memory:

  • 512 kB of non-volatile memory for recording measured data
  • Programmable circular buffer or stack recording
  • Rate of recording of Min/Med/Max values at multiples of 2s


  • Optoisolated RS485 serial communication port
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Communication speed of 9600 bps


Inputs & outputs:

  • One optoisolated digital output for pulse emission
  • Input for Rogowski coils or current sensing transformers (optional)


  • Clock with backup supercap


Gateway for electricity consumption monitoring platform

Ethernet gateway with integrated web server, it makes available instantaneous and historic energy consumption data to the user by means of a web browser, for a simple and fast control of the energy flows of a highly complex plant.
Through Modbus RS485 protocol it can communicate with any third party measurement system, allowing the transfer of the acquired data from the analysis network to a local or remote server.


  • Protection of sensitive data using multi-level passwords
  • Possibility to set the sampling interval of the monitored quantities
  • Possibility to configure remote devices
  • RS485, RS232, Mbus, and Ethernet protocols support
  • Opto-isolated serial ports

Through the cloud platform the user is able to view and monitor in real time the consumption of the monitored plant, thus being able to verify the effectiveness of the actions to improve consumption.

The system allows:

  • Monitoring of the single line, zone or meter connected to the system
  • The comparison of quantities on lines, zones or machines
  • The production of graphs capable of making the information acquired and processed clear and transferable
  • The punctual identification of waste and inefficiency
  • To improve budget estimates for energy carrier costs
  • To determine the real impact of the cost of energy on business activities
  • To monitor any improvements made by investments in energy efficiency systems
  • To monitor any anomalies at the level of harmonic distortion, providing a first confirmation of the presence or not of the problem
  • To optimize maintenance procedures by reducing operating costs

The backup of the processed data is guaranteed by storing them on a non-volatile internal memory and by transferring them to the servers that guarantee the security copy.